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Smoked Turkey Stew

Smoked Turkey Stew is a pepper-based stew recipe made with Smoked Turkey as its main protein.


8-10 Smoked Turkey Pieces
3 Red Bell Peppers
1 Can Plum tomatoes or 4 medium size tomatoes
1 Cup Chicken Stock
2-3 Scotch Bonnet (Ata Rodo)
2 Onions
1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil
1/2 Cup Palm Oil
Teaspoon Dried Thyme
1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
2 Knorr Chicken Cubes
Salt to taste

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
Rinse the Smoked Turkey to remove all traces of dirt, leave to air dry or pat down with paper towels. Season with the Thyme and Garlic Powder, then arrange on a lined baking tray. Set aside.

Chop up the Peppers, 1 Onion, and Tomatoes (if you’re using fresh tomatoes), then transfer them onto a separate baking tray, also including the Garlic. You may wish to place the Chopped onions on the same tray as the Smoked Turkey so the flavor can be infused into the Turkey.

Now, place the trays in the preheated oven. Roast the peppers for 30-35 minutes and then Smoked Turkey for 50 minutes.
You’ll need to check from time to time to prevent burning as oven temperatures vary. Roasting peppers helps to dry off the moisture in the peppers so you won’t need to add water when blending, which also means you won’t need to cook down the proper before frying. The smokiness of the peppers adds a lovely Buka-type flavor to the stew as well.

When the peppers are well roasted, blend till smooth, then set aside.
Next, place a pot on medium heat, then add the oil residue from the Smoked Turkey, also add the Vegetable and Palm oil. Pour in one chopped onion when hot. sauté till translucent

Add the in the blended pepper mix, 2 Knorr cubes, and fry until the pepper mix loses its sourness and the oil starts to flow to the top a little. Be careful when adding Salt and Seasoning, remember that Smoked Turkey contains salt. Also, if you’ll be using Stock, do not add salt before the stock goes in.

Now, add the Chicken Stock, you’ll need to add 1-2 cups to avoid using water. Water will water down the taste of the stew but if you haven’t got stock, you can use water but just a cup. Then, cook for 5 minutes.

Now add the Smoked Turkey, stir, and combine. Taste for Salt and Seasoning, adjust if necessary. Turn the heat down to low, allow to simmer for 30 minutes
Your Smoked Turkey Stew is ready

Enjoy with Rice, Plantain, Yam, Pasta, Or Bread.

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