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Hi! My name is Uzoamaka Osakwua, I am the face behind Amyfoodmart. We are passionate about healthy Nigerian foodstuff as well as removing market stress from you. We source and bring carefully processed Nigerian foodstuff to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

We deliver worldwide. Payment only to Uzoamaka Osakwua @Zenith Bank 2160162521

Food Stuffs

Discover the taste of Africa. We specialize in providing high-quality African foodstuffs and vegetables, sourced directly from the mainstream market to your doorstep. ** Product List **


A list of tested recipes that can be replicated.
Moi-Moi recipe
Party Jollof rice
Smoked Turkey Stew

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We make delivery of all our products locally and internationally. Most Items are shipped out same day.

What We Serve

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Palm Oil

This natural African palm oil is a nutritious addition to achieve your authentic flavored African and Caribbean dishes and for everyday cooking!. It naturally contains vitamin A and vitamin E, which gives the oil its red color. This oil is produced in West Africa from carefully selected, matured high quality grade palm nut. It is 100% natural, organic, traditionally processed, virgin, not refined, bleached or deodorized with no coloring added.
Produced in Nigeria

Kpanla Fish

Smoked Round Fish also known as Eja Kika or Panla is one of the most famous fish in Nigeria and other west African countries. It can be used to cook varieties of soups and stews giving the meal a distinct taste. It is easy to cook and is high in nutrients. Some of the benefits of eating this fish includes the ability to help lower the risk of heart attack and strokes, it contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are absolutely essential for growth and development and is a good of dietary source of Vitamin-D.

Cow Skin

Well Washed Dry Ponmo

Kpomo is a good source of Bovine Collagen, a protein suitable for the skin. It makes a great addition to the stew, soups, Native rice, peppered ponmo, etc.


Soak dry ponmo in water for up to 48hrs.
Clean appropriately before use for the best result.


Melon Seed

Mixed Spices

Zobo Drink

"Check out our popular obstacles and fish collection, from perewinkle to stockfish"

"Check out our popular grains and vegetables spice collection, from garri to afang leaves"

"Check out our popular herbs and spice collection, from maggi to suya powder"

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